VIP: Paul Bechmann, Gift Shop and Office Manager

Paula Bechmann

For those of you who have visited the Fenton History Center you have most likely met our Office Manager and Gift Shop Lady, Paula Bechmann. We consider her the Face of the Fenton. Paula opens the doors and turns the lights on in the morning. She then welcomes our guests as they arrive. After providing a quick overview she will direct you to the wonderful exhibits that reflect the heart and history of our area. 

Those of us who know her well know that she has a second personality. She is the superwoman who manages memberships, bills, payroll, gift shop items, other jobs too numerous to mention. She can tell you “Where on earth did, we put the supplies for the Cemetery Tours.” She knows who repairs the copier and takes care of fixing the furnace. Paula has all the addresses and phone numbers and the codes for the alarm system. She can answer the question “what in the world does this key go to.” You get the idea. She is indispensable, amazing and can never retire….of course we tell all our employees that! 

Paula has been with us many years and has helped to keep us running smoothly over those years. Her love of the Mansion is quickly apparent when you talk with her. Her love is also reflected in the care she renders by among other things taking the time to dust and tidy up every day We asked her to write up a bit about the Gift Shop that she so ably manages, and that article is located elsewhere in this issue. Paula, one of the many jewels who keep the Fenton History Center running. 

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