Vets Finding Vets

What is Vets Finding Vets?

If you are a Veteran, THANK YOU for being part of the 1% who have served our country! We salute YOU!

Fenton History Center has a program just for you, as a thank you for your time spent in harm’s way (or not), away from your families and friends, doing the behind the scenes work that keeps our country safe.

Veterans, Reservists, or those still serving have free access to our Fenton Research Center for family genealogy, looking for old service buddies, documenting the other service members in your family, or helping us find and preserve the service record of past Chautauqua County Veterans before they are lost in the pages of time!

As Veterans, you are the only segment of our population who receives this perk, a one year membership for free access to our resources, computers, online genealogy subscriptions, and staff/volunteer expertise.

For more information about the Vets Finding Vets program and to find out how to enroll please call the Fenton History Center at 664-6256 during hours of operation or email: The Fenton History Center is open Monday through Saturday from 10 AM to 4 PM. Please call ahead to confirm research center hours before visiting the Hall House on a Saturday.

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Call (716) 664-6256

Vets Finding Vets is part of a rich legacy that began with Reuben Fenton.

Fenton Canteen

Veterans of all ages are invited to drop in for coffee on the second Saturday of each month from 10 AM to 12 PM for Fenton Canteen at the Reuben Fenton Mansion at 67 Washington Street, Jamestown, New York. This location is handicap accessible and service dogs are welcome. The mission of the Fenton Canteen is to provide an opportunity to establish camaraderie among veterans of all ages. For more information call us at 716-664-6256 or email Barb Cessna at

The Fenton Canteen is an excellent way to learn more about Vets Finding Vets. Vets Finding Vets is a veteran program that is organized by the Fenton History Center. The group meets regularly at the Hall House to help enrolled veterans trace their families history, look up old service buddies, flesh out the service records for other veterans in their families and/or help with other projects pertaining to veterans.

American servicemen enjoy a cup of coffee at a Salvation Army hut in New York, circa 1918.

Honor Flights

Vets Finding Vets is honored to help facilitate the application process for local Veterans who wish to visit the War Memorials in Washington, DC. Please contact us for more info at or call 716-664-6256.

The Buffalo Niagara Honor Flight Hub is the closest for us. Our first Flight was the 4th flight for the Buffalo Niagara Hub. Follow this link to see pictures from all flights:

Our Facebook friends know when they see the heart-shaped cloud, there is an Honor Flight update! For more updates, like Vets Finding Vets on Facebook.

Veterans Database and Memorials

CCVMC Veterans Database

For any who are interested in looking through, or contributing to, the Chautauqua County Veterans Memorial Commission database, the website can be accessed through this at If you see an error in anything in the database, please let the Fenton know! We are trying to make sure the database is fully accurate, but can always use your help.

Note: Edits made from the public site do not correct an existing Veteran record. Please contact Barb with the new information Mon – Fri at 716-664-6256 during our business hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Or send and email to with any comments or corrections.

Chautauqua Veterans Memorials

View the memorials of 37 Chautauqua County soldiers at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund website at

Chautauqua Veterans of Modern Warfare Memorial

View the memorials of Chautauqua County soldiers at the Chautauqua Veterans of Modern Warfare Memorial at

Share Your Story or the Story of a Beloved Veteran!

Help the Fenton History Center share the story of local veterans. We would like to help loved ones honor veterans (both living and fallen) who are close to their heart. All submitted items will be passed on to the Fenton History Center’s Chautauqua County Military Collection, allowing each veteran’s story/memory to live on indefinitely.

Those who would like to submit military documentation, photographs, stories, and other related information to the Fenton History Center’s Military Collection should contact by email or call (716) 664-6256 Monday through Saturday from 10 AM to 4 PM.

Please note all original items will be scanned and returned unless it is specified that the original is to become the property of the Fenton History Center’s Military Collection by its owner.

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