Fenton History Center welcomes bus tours and provides guided tours by appointment. Walk-in visitors are welcome to tour the museum with a guide booklet. Educational Programs on a variety of topics for schools, “home schoolers,” scouts and other interested groups are available through the Education Department.

Fenton History Center Educational Programs are an excellent way to enrich English, World Cultures, Home and Careers, History, Art courses, and many more. Fenton History Center Educational Programs utilize local artifacts, documents and photographs to promote the student’s understanding of the concepts presented by our Museum Educators. When possible, the programs employ interactive, multi-sensory activities to enrich the student’s experience.

While it is preferable for students to visit the Fenton Mansion, time and budget constraints do not always allow classes to visit in person. The Moving Museum brings the Fenton’s Educational Programming into the classroom via a Museum Educator. These programs are supplemented with photographs, documents, artifacts and interactive experiences. Programs available in the classroom are indicated with a Moving Museum icon.

For information about scheduling a guided tour, program or school program, contact us at:
phone 716-664-6256

Educational Programs

Local Lore

The Age of Homespun

Victorian Sampler

Sketches in the History of the Underground Railroad