VIP: Guy Ditonto

This month we are featuring Guy Ditonto, one of our outgoing Board members. Guy has served with us for several years on our Building and Grounds Committee. This committee serves an essential role at the Fenton in helping to maintain the grounds, making minor repairs, seeking contractors when there are more involved repairs to be made. This committee also has participated in general cleaning of the Mansion and Hall House. Hopefully we will be able to replace him with an equally dedicated board member. 

My interview with Guy reveals that he is a Jamestown man born and bred. He was born here in Jamestown and attend ed Southwester Central School, the JCC and finally SUNY Fredonia. Following his graduation Guy went to work at WKSN, WHUG, and WQFX in Radio Broadcasting Sale and Management and remained there for 20 years. He then spent 18 years at the Chautauqua County Chamber of Commerce as Director of Member Services. 

Forty years ago, this last summer he married his wife, Ellen. Together they raised two children and have expanded the family to include four grandchildren. Guy and Ellen really enjoy making time to spend with their grandchildren.  They are also active at First Lutheran Church in Jamestown. As time allows, he enjoys several hobbies including nature, photography, reading, gardening, and collecting books and coins. 

Guy’s deep interest in history, architecture and historical archive led him to volunteer at the Fenton. Specifically, he is interested in preserving and presenting the rich history of Jamestown for future generations. One of the early ways that he helped to share the history of Jamestown was his participation in the Saints and Sinners event. He lists the first time that he took part in the Saints and Sinners Tour as one of his fondest memory of volunteering. Just for the record, he has continued to be a part of the Saints and Sinners Tours over the years. 

Guy expressed his desire that more people take an interest in the amazing local history that Jamestown has to offer. He believes that we must continue to preserve it for the future generations. He told me that the Fenton and Hall House have something for everyone and encourages people to take the time to explore your interests as you will not be disappointed. He also encourages everyone to consider joining the Fenton. 

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