VIP: Beverly McGraw

This month we are featuring Beverly McGraw an RSVP volunteer. She works at the Mansion at the main desk greeting our guests with her lovely smile and engaging personality. She also helps out wherever asked, a truly priceless help. And now Beverly’s story in her own words.

I am from the area and attended Jamestown schools. Currently I live in Greenhurst, New York and spend my free time crafting and decorating. When the weather allows, I enjoy gardening and caring for my houseplants.

Volunteering at the Fenton fits in nicely with my love of history. The house that I live in was built in 1819 at a cost of $532. I truly enjoy meeting people during my time at the Fenton and sharing some of the history of the family and the house.

I love people and I believe in God,. I’ve read the Bible thru many times and believe that tells me how to live, love, work and be helpful to others. I love animals especially dogs.

I love to go to the beach at Barcelona and I prefer winter to summer because I do not like to be too hot. Although I love being outdoors doing yard work, I have too much to do (I am a widow). God is good to me; I am able to volunteer 3 days a week.

I worked at Crawford Furniture in the office for a few years. Then after my children were in school, I worked at WCA Hospital for 23 years I started in admissions, then switchboard, the out-patient outside the ER and ended up in the cashier’s office.

We at the Fenton are now blessed to have Beverly volunteering for us on Tuesdays. Stop in and say hi to her and check out the upgrades that are happening.

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