Vets Finding Vets: Documentation at the Armory Part IV

This is the final installment of the Jamestown Armory, although my joy at being allowed to document the enlistments, scan photos (with Victoria’s help), and borrow the scrapbooks for scanning and return is boundless.

I was so surprised to find that many of the prominent names that I know from Jamestown history were connected to the Fenton Guards as supporters. Some other names I recognized as having been killed in WWI and WWII but didn’t realize they were actually were Co. E members who had been federalized and were serving overseas. 

Also, I was stunned to discover that 34 Co. E Members who participated in the Mexican Border War, WWI, in between, and WWII were born and/or lived in Frewsburg! I live in Frewsburg! As Carroll Historian and a Carroll Historical Society member, I constantly look for Veteran pics and bios and although some of these 34 Co. E members were known already as having served, their Co E info was missing!

Also, I learned much more about the Frewsburg Rifle Range and its location on land behind Moll Hyde Company as you enter Frewsburg on Rte 62, and found some photos taken there in the early 1950s.

This was a project that will stand out forever as a brilliant silver lining in that dark Covid cloud! I am forever grateful to SSG Weaver and the other Armory staff members for their sharing attitude, their trust, and their help.

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