Vets Finding Vets: April 15, 2023 Honor Flight

The seven Veterans who took part in the April 15th Buffalo Niagara Honor Flight are still amazed at their good fortune to have finally “made the cut”. Arriving at Fenton History Center on the afternoon of Friday April 14 were five of the seven Veterans: Ralph Derby, Dave Krieg, Dave Remington, Oliver Smith, and Dan Zepka.

After enjoying some refreshments and adding their voices to patriotic music provided by Margaret Ferris, the time was drawing near to go outside and meet their Honor Flight Escorts – the American Legion Riders of Western NY and Chautauqua County, wave their goodbyes and board the Veterans Van. Then we were off to Plaza 59 in Dunkirk to pick up two more eager riders: Charles Fryer and Roger Adamczak. Finally, we were all together talking and laughing and enjoying each other.

Enjoy these photos of some of the sights and experiences these Vets have recently seen and felt up close and personal.

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