Notes from the Director – September 2022

Working on our Saints and Sinners Cemetery Tours has made me think about how I would be portrayed in a cemetery tour, what my gravestone will look like, etc. (Ironic that the Chagrin Falls Historical Society in Chagrin Falls, Ohio is portraying my grandmother in their cemetery tour.) Joking with Barb Cessna, I said that I was going to put the saying “It Is What It Is” on my headstone as she pointed out that I have been quoting that a lot lately. Seriously, what I would like to bring up is what I will request when I do die (not for a long time I hope). I will ask friends and family to give a monetary donation to the Fenton History Center in my memory. Giving money in memory of a friend or loved one to the Fenton History Center is the perfect way to support the Fenton and memorialize someone. Please consider a donation to the Fenton History Center the next time you lose someone. Better yet, make a donation in honor of someone to let them know how much you appreciate them. We will print the names in the Walnut Grove Press for memorials and in honor of as well as send out letters of acknowledgement.  I thank you in advance for considering this. Hope to see you at our Saints and Sinners Cemetery Tours next month!

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