Funds Sought for Mansion Repairs

The Fenton History Center is finally back on track after the past two years of making it through the pandemic. We offered 47 in-person programs this year, with 2,254 people visiting the museum and attending our programs. Our Research Center at the Hall House served 444 researchers and visitors and our volunteers logged in more than 2,000 hours. The Saints and Sinners Cemetery Tours, the annual fundraiser, surpassed all years in attendance and funds raised thanks to our volunteers (including FHC Board Members) and staff.   

It is now that time of year for the Fenton History Center Annual Fund Drive. The Fenton Historical Society of Jamestown will be celebrating its 60th Anniversary in 2023, so we will be making necessary repairs to the first floor of the Fenton Mansion. It has been many years since anything has been done in the first floor hallway where there has been 60 years of wear and tear to the walls, wallpaper and stains and cracks from roof leaks. The Orientation Room took a hit this year with a major roof leak, which will leave us no choice but to remove old plaster and replace it. We are asking that donations to this year’s Annual Fund Drive go directly to our first floor repairs, which total $17,800 for the hallway (walls and ceiling repairs) and $13,925 to repair the damage to the Orientation Room. 

The Fenton Mansion is one of Jamestown’s treasures and is also a New York State treasure. Governor Reuben E. Fenton gave so much of his life as a public servant it is time for us to give back by helping to preserve this beautiful building. The Historical Society of Jamestown saved the mansion from demolition in 1963 and became the stewards of the Fenton Mansion. Please help us preserve this treasure for another 60 years! Anyone donating $1,000 or more to this project will have their name engraved on a plaque that will hang in the entrance to the hallway. Can’t afford to donate a large sum? Sponsor a square foot of wall for $20.00.

The Fenton History Center will survive for many years to come because of caring people like you. Donate today and don’t forget to renew your membership. If you are not a member, please consider joining us! 

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