Curator Snippets: 1920s Exhibit

The Fenton History Center is installing a 1920s Exhibition, to be viewed in different parts of the museum.

The 1922 Case in the first floor of the mansion has been filled with artifacts from the 1920s. Amongst these items, is a maroon wool “fur-felt” cloche from that decade, made to fit smoothly over the head. It is trimmed on each side with silk grosgrain ribbon in three pleated fan shapes. According to Textile Curator, Phoebe Forbes, it was most likely hand decorated by the milliner. The hat belonged to the mother of Sarita Weeks of Jamestown, and donated by the St. Luke’s Episcopal Church.

Another highlight, in our second floor case, is a small bronze commemorative plaque. It recognizes twenty-five years of service in fire control (1904 to 1929) of Charles P. Dahlstrom, founder of the Dahlstrom Metallic Door Company, in Jamestown, New York. A bas-relief of Dahlstrom is on the center of the plaque in front, and on the back is one of a factory and a seal saying, “Dahlstrom patent door, artistic, everlasting, sanitary and fireproof.” This was donated by Sonya Dinero from North Carolina.

Other objects and documents include instruments and music sheets from the time period. Music played a major role during the “roaring twenties” and its importance is reflected in this exhibit, as well as the fashion styles of the day. We have the quintessential dresses on display along with hats and footwear.
In tandem with the 1920s theme, photographs of past Fenton Historical Society members are being showcased, to celebrate the society’s 60th anniversary.
Join us, as we remember an exciting era and pay homage to the Fenton Historical Society’s enduring legacy.

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