VIP: Cindy Rodgers

Cindy Rodgers has been an incredible asset to the Fenton over may years. Those of you attending the Cemetery tours have had the opportunity to enjoy her dramatic and sometimes humorous portrayals of some of our former Jamestown residents. Cindy served on the Board of Directors for several years and as the president for 2 years. Her leadership was invaluable. Now let us hear Cindy’s story from her own pen. 

I was born in Rochester NY where my grandparents lived. My dad was in the Navy, stationed in Maryland, but was on a submarine when I was born. My mother traveled to her parents’ home in Rochester for my birth and first month of life. 

I have lived in many different places. My dad was in the Navy until I was 5 years old, so we were stationed in many port towns in the mid and northeast. At the end of the Vietnam Conflict, the Navy found my dad a job in Valparaiso, IN where I attended school until 6th grade. My grandfather was diagnosed with cancer, and we moved to Bemus Point, NY, where I attended my remaining years of school.

I have had many jobs, most in this area – lifeguard, waitress, short order cook, even professional mime (really). After college I moved to the Washington DC area and worked at a hotel. Upon returning to the area so my husband could work for his family’s business, I worked at a bank then was a stay-at-home mom. For the last 22 years I have worked for my husband’s Land Surveying business, first as Office Manager and now also as a surveyor.

I am not sure how I actually started volunteering at the Hall House. At some point Norman Carlson recommended me as a new member of the Fenton’s board. My interest in the Fenton has always been Genealogy. I began attending the Genealogy Support Group meetings about 22 years ago.

Lately, I do not have much spare time, but I like to knit, read, bike/hike and work on my family history.

The Fenton is a local treasure. It is important to make sure it is here for another one hundred years!

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