Take A Seat In History

When people go to movie theaters there’s a ton of important things to enjoy but also consider. Such as, “Should I get the popcorn today?” or “What type of movie sounds interesting to watch?” One of the lesser known things to consider, but is definitely an important thing to note is where do you want to sit as it can definitely help or hinder your experience at the movies. As the seat you’re sitting in plays a huge factor in that. Especially, if you find a good spot to sit ,but it’s not comfortable or you find a mediocre spot and it’s enjoyable. However, this seat fits all the important aspects and plays an important role in telling a story of the Reg Lenna. As this chair was actually donated to us just recently by the Reg Lenna Center For The Arts it is believed to have been in use when Reg Lenna was previously called The Palace.

However, some people might not know that the current Reg Lenna Center went by another name. The Palace is actually its original name as on February 5, 1923 it opened within downtown Jamestown. It is said that the first ever film that was on display at the theater was The Lionel Barrymore film, The Face in the Fog. One of the most famous events that took place at The Palace was the premiere of Lucille Ball’s movie Forever Darling which was held in front of a hometown audience. Some of the events to spotlight this movie was a parade and visits by star-studded guests. Additionally, during June 1981 famous singer Harry Chapin was invited to perform at The Palace. Unfortunately, the condition of the theater at this time was inadequate. Due to that, it is believed that Chapin offered to play one more show again in Jamestown as a benefit concert if the community worked together to save and rebuild the building. Regrettably, that never came to be, as Chapin’s life was cut short next month as he passed away in a car accident. However, this prompted the community to do as Chapin suggested and save and improve the theater. By 1990 the theater was totally revamped and even renamed into the Reg Lenna Civic Center as it is named for Reginald and Elizabeth Lenna as they donated a great deal of money toward the effort.

Lastly, by 2012 it was renamed one final time what is known as today the Reg Lenna Center For The Arts. This is due to the fact that the Reg combined with the Arts Council for Chautauqua County. As upon its combination it then created the name of the organization title that the Reg Lenna that is currently uses today. All in all, this goes to show us that sometimes we might be sitting on history and perhaps we wouldn’t have even known it unless someone were to make us aware of its significance.

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