Research Center Report – April 2022

The Summer Exhibit of 2022 features St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church to celebrate their 100th Anniversary! Much has changed since 1922, and we look forward to helping the members of this church to highlight the people and the events of their first 100 years.

Also, quite a few members have been found who proudly served our country during WWI, WWII, Korea, and Vietnam. We welcome photos and info that will help us document even more of the St. Nicholas Veterans, as we are sure there are more. During the Summer Exhibit we will continue to try to identify some of the Vets pictured who so far are unidentified.

We would love to include the quoted memories of the church members regarding the Church prior to the fire, the new church, youth groups, the Young Men’s Group, the Erene Society, the Tsintzina Club and Reunions, and of course, the Yassou Festival. If you have photos to share, we would love to feature those as well! Photos can easily be scanned and returned, just give us a call so that we can be sure someone is available when you plan to come. Give us a call at 716-664-6256 and ask for the Research Center or Victoria.

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