Renee Freifeld Appointed Director

Renee Freifeld joined us on January 10, 2022, as the new Director of the Fenton. Her credentials are impressive, and her take charge spirit was obvious from the first day.

One of her first tasks was to create the Annual Report and she did it masterfully. Tours of the Mansion and the Hall House took place the first day. She immediately set out to review files both on paper and in the computer, giving her a grounding in the history and business of the Fenton.

Her professional and businesslike manner will serve the Fenton well with the community. We are all looking forward to working with Renee, to help her realize her goals and vision for the Fenton. And now for Renee’s story from her own voice:

With each enduring step, I continue to place one foot in front of the other. I arrived here at the Fenton on January 10th as Executive Director and the journey has been a joyful and exhilarating experience thus far!

Possessing a wealth of experience within the realms of advertising, marketing and business development, I have dedicated over 30 years to the Communications profession. 

Creative thoughts and ideas have been at the forefront of imagining a world filled with light, color, purpose and meaning.

Having directed media and marketing functions for advertising agencies and clients, managing and directing strategic marketing initiatives within managerial capacities in radio and television, and developing consultative and collaborative environments for clients and colleagues both locally and nationally, has enabled me to nurture relationships and develop creative concepts that inspire and empower organizations to grow.

As a resident of Chautauqua County, New York for over 23 years I find inspiration daily in the beauty that surrounds us. Having lived in major metropolitan areas, I yearned for an opportunity to move my family to a place where my children could grow, and where greener pastures actually existed. Imagine the joy I now feel in knowing that I can actually say I am home, and feel at home both here at the Fenton History Center and in Western New York.

Both my husband of 39 years, two children, and yes, two rescue dogs, Finn and Emma make up our wonderful family unit. Together, we have been a part of the Western New York experience and remain committed to playing an integral part of moving forward in the years to come in this place we lovingly call home.

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