Orientation Room

Welcome to the Fenton History Center’s QR Code Tour.

An interactive timeline table allows you to explore the history of Jamestown New York from its founding to the present day.

 The Mansion was designed by local architect, Aaron Hall, and built for Governor Reuben Fenton and his family in 1863. It is a typical example of the Italian Villa architectural style derived from rural estates in Italy.  Distinguishing features include an asymmetrical plan, dominating tower, low-pitched roof, widely overhanging bracketed eaves and arched windows. The Mansion boasts 12-foot ceilings, 9-foot doorways, 12,000 square feet of living space in 29 rooms.  The Fentons called the house and surrounding property “Walnut Grove”. Walnut Grove had a number of houses and a horse barn during the years the Fenton family lived on the 4 acre property. It is now part of Jamestown City’s Parks Department and is called “Fenton Park”. 

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