Family Parlor

The front room or parlor has been combined with a second room that was originally on the outside east wall of the room.  In the late 1870s or 1880s two square windows were cut into the front wall of this room.  As you inspect the building you may feel that these windows look out of place next to the tall, arched form of the original windows.  We do not know what the Fentons had in mind when the renovation was done, perhaps an attempt to modernize or simply to allow more light into the room?  Family gatherings took place in the informal parlor, much like our “family rooms” of today.  The parlor was cluttered with furniture and pastimes such as books, games and photograph albums.  Governor Fenton and his family would have gathered in the parlor after dinner to enjoy Bible readings, view stereopticons, play the organ and have group sing-a-longs.

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