Patriotic Bingo Exceeds Expectations!

The Patriotic Bingo Fundraiser for our Soldier’s Friend Scholarship (SFS) was February 17, and was held during the afternoon this time. We were very blessed!
A bigger crowd lead to bigger lines of basket raffle and 50/50 ticket sales and confusion that we will be sure to address for the next SFS fundraiser. So, the actual games had a later start than usual, therefore I didn’t go into much detail in the beginning about WHY the Fenton History Center has a Soldier’s Friend Scholarship in the first place. The short answer is that it honors Reuben Fenton’s concern for family and neighbors past military service and their well-being, which he in turn honored in successful legislation he put forward as a Representative in Congress. It was then that he became known as “The Soldier’s Friend,” prior to becoming Governor of New York toward the end of the Civil War. Trust me, that is the short answer!

Bingo Caller Mike, and helpers Mary Jane and Floyd were awesome as usual, doing what they do best, while helping us. We are so happy that Caller Mike won the grand prize basket of wine, sparkling cider, a pair of 3 different kinds of glasses, chocolate, and even mood lighting (ala fairie lites)! Hats off to Donna and friends for putting this great basket together.

Thanks to all who donated compiled baskets or items to be included in the baskets; they were unique and special. The game winners who chose them seemed happy with their chosen prizes. The Fire Department received the proceeds from the food and beverages and we hope that worked out for them as well!
Good times for a good cause is never wasted time!

Thanks so much to all who participated!

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