Notes from the Director

I would like to talk about volunteering at the Fenton History Center. Small museums such as ours rely heavily upon volunteers because we don’t have the funding to pay salaries for a large staff. It would be impossible to do what we do at the Fenton History Center if we didn’t have our volunteers. We do have a need for some more volunteers and would love to have you join our “family” at the Fenton. We understand that everyone is busy with family and have other commitments, but if you ever have a few hours a week or a month we would love to add you to our volunteer list. Here is our current wish list for new volunteers:

  • Someone to clip newspaper articles and obituaries and organize
  • Help with cataloging our collections
  • Textile volunteer: photograph, catalog, and pack for storage
  • Someone to scan photograph collection
  • Receptionist & research at Hall House
  • Receptionist and tour guide at the museum on Tuesdays and Fridays
  • Assisting with education program
  • Assisting Dr. Tom Greer with archaeology Monday & Tuesday mornings
  • Many volunteers for our Saints and Sinners Cemetery Tours

If you are interested in any of these projects please call at 716- 664-6256 or send me (Jane Babinsky) an email at

I would like to give a special thank you to Sharon Matson for planting flowers at the Hall House and in front of the museum; Lorna Parker for doing anything we ask her to do; Ken Parker for repairing our riding lawn mower; Rick Roll for keeping the museum open on Saturdays; Jim Wahlberg and Steve Johnson for portraying Gov. Reuben Fenton; all of the numerous volunteers at the Research Center; and last but not least, the staff and volunteers who participated in the July 4th parade in Mayville.

Speaking of volunteers: the Fenton History Center has a new garden club! We have a group from Aspire who come every Tuesday morning and agreed to formally become the Fenton History Center Garden Club. Jennifer, Jeremy, Kristal, Melissa, Alex, and Allyson can be seen every Tuesday morning planting, weeding, mulching and watering our flower beds. When the weather is not cooperating the group comes inside and does cleaning in the museum and the Hall House. We are very grateful to this group of volunteers from Aspire!

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