New Mower!

It was finally time to say good-bye to our old lawn mower, which has had its share of problems in recent years.

Last year for Give Big CHQ, we focused our fundraising to go toward a new lawn mower. On April 25, 2024, our new lawn mower was delivered from Schutt’s Saw and Mower Service.

Special thanks to the following Give Big CHQ 2023 donors who contributed to our new mower: Jane Babinsky, James and Beth Barnes, Andrea Benedett, Paul Bentley, David Bernhardt (in memory of George Bernhardt), Joni Blackman, Marie Carrubba, Barb Cessna, the Chautauqua Region Community Foundation, Tucker Edwards, Melvin Feather, Cindy Ferraro, Libby Franke (in memory of James Gallagher), Noah Goodling, Laura Hadley, Sandy Hatfield, Grace Henry, Terry and Kathy Horner, Hannah Jaroszynski, James Jaroszynski (in memory of Elizabeth Blose Jaroszynski), Jaime Lauffenburger, Joella Liddle, Rick Lundquist, Cheryl Mawhinney, Kristan McMahon, Thomas Nelson, Rosalee Owen, Thomas Price (in memory of Riggs Reynolds), Jason Sample, Edward Thompson, Patricia Brininger, The Ralph C. Sheldon Foundation, Janet Wahlberg, Michelle Williams, Margaret Varga, and Sherry Vesotski.

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