Lafayette Corners Furniture Exhibit

The largest exhibit in the Fenton History Center is our Furniture Room. Furniture also fills a large part of our storage areas. Of course the reason furniture takes up so much of our physical space is because furniture is such a big part of Jamestown history. We often talk about our wish that we had more room for both storage and display of Jamestown made furniture.

Fortunately, we have some help, at least for the present. Lafayette Corners, a retail furniture store at 215 West Fourth Street, owned by David and Pam Pelow, has created a special exhibit room for high quality Jamestown made furniture the owners have collected over the past several years. Several Fenton staff/board members (Director, Jane Babinsky; Collections Manager Norman Carlson; Curator, Therese Avedillo; Barbara Cessna, Hall House Manager/VFV Coordinator; and Janet Wahlberg, President) toured the exhibit at its dedication on the afternoon of May 5, 2023.

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