Fenton’s New Curator Therese Avedillo Welcomed

The Fenton History Center welcomes our new Curator/Education Coordinator, Therese Avedillo, to our staff. Her first day was January 9th and she was undaunted by the work we threw at her. Therese and her husband moved here from California, arriving only two days before her first day at the Fenton. Therese is pleasant and polite and has already completed a project that had been hanging over our heads for months. She is diving right in on getting things cataloged in PastPerfect, organizing our files and artifacts, and preparing for a new exhibit. Therese will be working Tuesday through Saturday, so when we reopen in February, stop in and meet her.

Learn more about Therese in her short biography she provided: Therese Avedillo has a background in broadcast journalism from Syracuse University and taught at the College of New Rochelle, Bronx campus. She took up Museum Studies at the University of Leicester, known for their finding of King Richard III’s skeletal remains. Her dissertation was on case studies comparing World War II exhibitions between a local historic house, the Newarke Houses, in Leicester, and the Imperial War Museum, a national museum in London. Arriving at the conclusion, that museums both at the local and regional levels are endeavoring to create a more inclusive and immersive experience for visitors. She grew up in a small town in South Africa where her love for museums developed. She has volunteered and worked in New York and California. She loves learning about people’s stories and histories. Therese is hoping to connect multiple communities in Jamestown through history and is very happy to be a part of the Fenton History Center.

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