Curator Snippets: Military Room Redux

The Fenton History Center Military Exhibition has been undergoing some changes. Several objects have been rearranged and new items have been added from our collections.

An exciting addition is a Civil War frock coat which was worn by Mark T. Willson of Jamestown, who served in the 112th Regiment and later became a farmer. It is made of blue wool lined with black coarse wool; fashioned with a bodice portion and a skirt, closed at the front with regulation brass buttons, and topped with a domed collar. The back has princess style seams and the sleeves have shaped cuffs with small brass buttons.

The Fenton Guards uniform has been moved, and relocated together with cabinet cards of Fenton Guards members. Many of these mounted photographs were taken by A.N. Camp of 207 Main Street, Jamestown, New York, from the late 1800s.

A new World War II display adorns one of the big cases. This contains artifacts belonging to Lieutenant Carl W. Levin of the U.S. Air Corps, namely his helmet and kits, amongst others. A World War II uniform belonging to Lawrence Straight, Master Sergeant and Crew Chief on B17s, has also been added. This uniform is made of cotton, wool and brass. The jacket is in the ‘Eisenhower’ or battlefield style.

A dividing wall with Civil War and World War I items stands in the middle of the room, to provide more useful space.

The research area has been restored, where instructions can be found on how to search for veterans, and videos of World War II Chautauqua County Veterans can be viewed on the computer.

Plus, a surprise object awaits.

Thanks to all at the museum for helping with this makeover.

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