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Sunday, Nov. 30th, 2 1/2oc P.M.



Sunday, Nov. 30th, 2 1/2oc P.M.

Dear Frank

I confess to having passed this day without performing many religious actions. As usual we had backed loaves for breakfast, for supper we made a soup from fresh beef, thickened it with rice, potatoes and crust of bread. The boys said, “it’s Bully”, meaning good. For supper we are to have coffee, tea, bread, cold loaves and pork and apple sauce if I am not too lazy to cook. … …

… …Now Frank if I tell you a secret wont you be jealous a bit. There is one that I that it divides with you my thoughts and admiration. I do not meet her much in the daytime but at night she accompanies me to great the stars of this southern sky. Don’t blame me; for if you are acquainted with her, you must love her too, her name is Astronomy. … …

… …Now dear one I must finish this. I cannot write to Cynthia now. I will soon, just thank her for me for her kind note. I will try to act on her suggestions. Frank I will send you some money in a day or two. We have received no payment but I have money lent and the Company owes me some, as I collect I will write.

Now dear object of my heart Good Bye.

To Frank

Orrin S. Allen

Sunday 6oc P.M. [30 November 1862]

Dearest Wife

I learned this moment Lieut. Myrick is going home tomorrow I shall send this by him. Oh! How my heart beats at the thought of one going home. I send $2 by him for you, should put it in the letter but wish him to change it, for Northern bills. I am sorry to part with him he is a gentle man and has been a friend to me. You must let him know that I had rather any other man in the Regiment have gone than him.

Yours in haste

[back side]
Frank I put the money in if it does not pass, return it.