Saturday Oct. 18th, 1862



Sat Oct. 18th

Nice warm day rather too warm. I wonder how you get along with the house; guess it must be colder there. The nights are cool here. The boys are drumming away, fixing their tents and cook rooms. They have little day houses of poles from 1 to 3 feet high about 6 ft by 12, than cover with 2 tents. Chink and plaster then it makes quite a house. Rather small for 5 boys. The boys get apples and cider out in the country. John Stowell is cooking part of a pig, he and Sam Hull were on picket duty last night it wasn’t pleasant duty.
Oh Frank this is bright suffering days, real hot, if it was not for the cool breeze we have. It is 3oc pm our boys with blue coats and bright buttons are going to meeting and I do not go but can hear it all from my kitchen. Where I set writing. As it is only 6 rods from the Colonels tent. They are meeting in front of that for worship. So I am almost at the meeting after all. There is a funeral today for David Waite, he has “received” his discharge. He died this morning about 9 o’clock. I was with him a while before he died. He spoke of his family and of John and Rufus. We did not think him so near gone but as I wrote you at first, he said he would never get well! One thing his friends may relay on for I saw and he told me he had good care through out, of course not the kind of attention and comforts of home. I must now listen to the sermon.