Monday 8 oc P.M. December 1, 1862 – (Letter To Orrin)



Monday 8 oc P.M. [1, Dec. 1862]

Dear Frank,

Just before putting this in the office I learned there was a letter for me up the camp, so I waited till I saw it before sending this. I have around town today trading for the boys. They cannot go down though only a mile without a pass. One fellow tried it today he is in the guard book to pay for it. I bought Della some pictures today. Send them along with this by mail also a book for Clair, an old almanac. Mr. Hob whose card is on the outside is the man I do most of my trading with. The printing on the other side was transferred by Whiskey from the newspaper. It came in Durham’s box of which I wrote.

Frank my own one, I fear your health is failing, do write me in your next just how you are. Dear one, you ask if God will permit certain things? Yes he may, to punish this proud Nation and correct his chosen ones.

To Frank Thine Only Orrin

[Back Side]

Frank I keep my astronomy book I told you about. It is a great satisfaction to me, looking over my “Father’s Works”. Do you know dear one, there are now planets coming to light constantly. The work of the creation, which we are want to look upon, as a thing long past and is still going on. Oh! It is a sublime thought that we may some day be permitted to see and examine and even perhaps take a part in such magnificent structures.

Good Night Love