Jamestown, NY, Sept 12th /62



Jamestown, N.Y., Sept 12th /62

Dear Frank,
We have orders to be ready to march at 1/2 past 12 oc M. today all is hurly burly, such scrambling and running over each other no body ever seen. We feel pretty sure this time for it rains like shot, and the old soldiers say it never fails.
I am well but my knee is not any better, it does not pain me very much. The rain comes, comes into my bunk and tis that not thus which blots my life. Such grabbing for coats and blankets, things are pretty well mixed. I sent you $20 by Mr. Miller. Don’t know as I get any more then when enlisted after 22nd, Aug. yet no advance of the 27th.
2 oc P.M. We have just got 13$, one months advance pay. I will keep this till I see how things turn…
Well Frank keep your spirits up and don’t mourn for me, even if I fall because our country is worth the sacrifice.
God Bless you all
Good Bye
O.S. Allen