Dec. 21st, 1862, 4 P.M.



Dec. 21st, [1862] 4oc P.M.

… …Well I have been reading the papers and from what I can see, most men think the war will end this coming year. I hope sincerely it will, but do not see my tithe clear to freedom so soon. I have just returned from a call on Sgt. Bridger, who has a lot 2 1/2 acres. His brother is there, says lumber is very high. The cost of a building about the size of our wood house prob. 14 x 24 ft. will cost $200. I mean to buy wise up in Penn. and ship it down, that is the lumber and every thing ready to put right up but then it would cost $75 to get one up 14 x 24 ft. That shall be the size I shall build at first if my plans work. It will be 4 ft longer then the back ell of ours, and a trifle wider. Than I can make the roof higher so as to give more room in the loft. We will have it snug as far as it goes, won’t we? A smart girl can earn $1 a day in the berry season.

Now Frank I know we may get taken in but we shall not be alone. They are moving there by hundreds and the thing has only got fairly going. It is wild land crossed with small trees like some western openings. Each settler leaves a grove of trees round his house and clusters in the lots. Then all are required to let shade trees on the road so it will be pleasant in that respect. Well as I said we will pick up the dimes and see what can be done. Furniture and goods are cheaper than in Sherman. So we will only take a few trunks and make the bill as small as possible for transportation.

There they are calling me to supper and I will close this hoping to write more definite next time. May the care of Heaven which has been kindly manifested, continue to favor my Darlings at home.

To Frank Yours ever O.S. Allen