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Camp Manley near Stafford Courthouse May 12th 1863



Mrs. Griswold
I thought I would write a few lines to you and inform you that we have been in battle and I am sorry to say that we lost almost half of our company killed wounded and missing with the rest Lieut. Griswold is missing he was wounded in the arm and bled pretty hard the rebs was so close on to us that we had to run for our sweet lives and I dont know if he got off from the field or not he might got off and went to the Hospital and we not know it if he did not he was taken prisoner if he was taken prisoner we may not here from him in a good while and if he is in enny hospitle we will here of it in a short time and I will let you know if we here from him in enny way… Lieut. Griswold was thought every thing of by the Company and he was a good Commander as I want over me he done justice to them all and they all liked him well and they feel bad not to see him in command of the Company but I am in hopes that he will come out all wright yet I will have to close please excuse poor writing and bad spelling from your friend Homer A. Ames please write when you get this