Stafford Courthouse, V.A. May 3rd-63

Stafford Courthouse, V.A.
May 3rd-63

Dear Sister
I received a letter from David last evening & now sit down to write you a few lines & send you his letter for I suppose you have not heard from him very lately. This is as pleasing a Sabbath morning as every shone. The robins & the whip-poor-wills are chirping and singing. It is too lovely a Sabbath morn to witness such a terrible battle as is going on near Fredericksburg. The firing commenced at daybreak this morning and has not ceased for a moment since. I have not heard such firing since Bull Run [2nd Bull Run, Aug. 29 & 30, 1862]. It will cost many a poor fellow’s life to take Fredericksburg, but we hope to take it soon.
You told me in your last letter that you weighed 118 lbs. I suppose you will be surprised when I tell you that I weight 162 1/2, but that is my weight. I am very fleshy and tough as a buck. Merrill & I have put up a tent by ourselves. We have got a very good tent. Our furniture is a table, a bed, a cupboard, three plates, 3 knives & 3 forks, coffee pot & two quart pails, a spider & a camp kettle. We have got a very nice camp now. We have fine trees the whole length of the street. I must stop for it is almost time for Inspection by the Commander of the post.
Sam Holbrook has been home on a furlow & has just got back. He had a box sent & Mr. Norton put in a lot of cheese and dried apples for me.
The bugle has blown for inspection so, goodby.