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D.Peck Letter Nov 10-1962



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Miss Rachel Peck
Chautauqua County
New York
Nov 10-62

Dear Sister
I expected to have left here some time ago but my horse was taken with a sore mouth, so I had to stay back with the most of the Regt., though we expect to go on tomorrow morning and take the front. Our horses have been in very poor condition for duty but are doing better now. I am well and tough as a brick and my usual 150 1/2 so you may know I am in good flesh. My ink is so poor I don’t know as I can write so you can read it.
Yesterday we buried ____ Low from Randolph. He was a good soldier and never flinched from his duty. We made a rough board coffin for him and buried him on a pleasant hill under a peachtree. He was only in the hospital two days. He died very suddenly.
I have not heard from Leah since I came back. Do you have any money with you? I would let you have some but I have not had any pay yet and don’t know when we will have any. We did expect some this month but now that the advance has commenced again we probably will not get any very soon, though we may. We can’t tell anything about it.
You must not worry if you do not hear from me often. It may be that I will not have any chance to write often while at the front.
We have had about two inches of snow here, but it has come off warm and pleasant now. I have drawn me a new suit of clothes since I came back. I generally have my washing done but I have done it myself today.
Those of our boys that are on the advance now have had one or two skirmishes but none of them hurt. We are not in half the danger the Infantry are.
Have you got a school yet? I don’t think of anything more to write now so goodbye for now.


Worry not for me my sister dear
Nor think me now in danger
For God you know is always near
He’ll watch o’er me in danger
If on some battlefield I fall
0 Jesus will be there
He will hear my every call
And take me to his care.