D.Peck Letter December 23, 1863



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Washington, D. C. Dec. 27, ’63
Camp near Culpeper
Dec. 23-63

Dear Sister
I received your welcome letter two or three days ago & should have answered it yesterday, but one of the boys got a pass for me to go with him to the 43rd N. Y. So .I went there and let this go until today. I suppose, you will begin to think that .I am sick or something else that I have not written before. But your letter was delayed on the road some. I am well & tough as ever. The weather is pretty cold, but just nice winter weather. Last night a light sprinkling of snow fell for the first & fair prospects of more.
They are trying to have the Regt. re-enlist & probably will get enough to carry the Regt. home. That is, enough will probably re-enlist to hold its organization. Those that do not re- enlist will be put into some other N. Y. Reg. til those that go home come back.
I did think some of going with the Regt. til I found that the town would get credit for it. If I should enlist I would only be filling the place of some of those cowardly pimps at home. If they get more than enough to fill up their quota this time, it would be credited to them next time. So, I have concluded not to enlist for the present anyway. I may possibly, but I think that when I have served out my three years, I will have done my duty to my Country. Then let those that are at home serve as long & then, if necessary, I will serve as much longer & without standing a draft too.
There are very few going from Co. E. the least of any Co. The most of the Cos. get 3-4 of their men. Even if I should enlist, perhaps the town would have its quota full & then I would get no town bounty, and if the town should have the credit of it. I should want the bounty.
We have no First Lieut.now. It was Lieut. Davis, but he has been assigned to another Co. now.
I have not heard from Hattie since I wrote to you before. Cornelia wrote me that the town bounty to new soldiers was $300 and veterans $502 more. But I guess that is a mistake. Perhaps they give veterans $502 & that is pretty large.
How large is the quota of Harmony? You need not send any dried fruits nor anything but what I sent for. I would not give a fig for dried fruits. I wrote to Mr. Daniels day before yesterday to send my box as soon as ready. I will send you $1.00 in this to pay for yarn. I can’t think what that word can be that you speak of. Just cut it our & send it to me. Perhaps I can tell what it is.
Your affectionate brother

Rachel We are to serve two years longer than we were at first mustered for. Enough of the Regt. are going to carry it home so, according to agreement, I count myself a veteran. I wrote to Dennis Knapp to save my bounty for me. You may knit my mittens but I am not going to have the box sent for we will be home during the next month on 20 day furlows.
Your affectionate brother