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This is the best opportunity that has been or will be offered, to enter the service of your Country. The Cavalry arm is highly important and one of most efficient.


(Images & Text from recruiting poster from the Jamestown Journal Power Presses on September 16, 1861)


During the time between July 1, 1861 and September 1862 – the families of Chautauqua County sent their men and boys to Camp Brown, near present day Fletcher Elementary School, to serve their country. The recruiting poster calls upon the county residents to join up and fight

“the increasing peril of our Country, to send forth your fathers, brothers and sons, to snatch our national liberties from the southern conspiracy and rebellion. What we do must be done quickly. Every patriot will do his duty.”

Meet the local men and their families who made a great sacrifice to join the Chautauqua County volunteers to fight in “Mr. Lincoln’s War.” Three local soldiers, Daniel Peck (age 17 at enlistment), Orrin Allen (age 36 at enlistment), and John Griswold (age 43 at enlistment) are good examples of the type of men that mustered out of Chautauqua and Cattaraugus counties.

Mr. Peck’s letters were written to his sister. They reflect every soldier’s concerns of provisions, having a dry place to sleep and the state of their health. His letters revel his sister’s love for Samuel, a fellow soldier and her grief at his death. They also show us her day-to-day life in Chautauqua County.

Mr. Allen’s letters are of his experiences in the regiment while his wife’s letters reveal her struggles to keep the homestead and family going. The Allen’s love and hardships during the conflict are very evident in their letters to one another.

Mr. Griswold was a farmer and left his wife and three children. His letters reveal his concern for their well-being and how they are managing the work of the farm.

Although he was only Governor of New York State for the last four months of the war, Governor Fenton’s concern and heartfelt gratitude for the soldiers of Chautauqua County is shown in his speeches, visits to the wounded and financial assistance.