Civil War Items at Kennedy

The Fenton History Center currently has some Civil War materials we have within our collection on display at the Kennedy Library.

Some of the items that are on display are an item called Minié balls. These items are one of the most well known items of the Civil War. This is due to the fact that these Minié balls were the ammunition that both sides of the war primarily used. Additionally important to note is that these were some of the deadliest bullets during this time; it is said that if they struck bone it would often smash the bone to pieces. As a result of the bone being destroyed these, injuries commonly required amputation to occur.

In addition to the Minié balls, we also have medals that a local soldier by the name of Gordon B. Swift would have recieved after the war. He served in 72nd New York Infantry, Company B. For example, the main item that would definitely have been given to Swift after the war is the 72nd New York Infantry Regiment reunion medal as he was a member of that regiment during the war. Some additional information about Mr. Swift is that he served the Union from May 28, 1861 until he was mustered out on July 17, 1865. He was wounded in action at the Battle of the Wilderness on the May 10, 1864.
Our final item that we have on display is our imitation of Confederate and Union money as it showcases the differing styles of currency from each side’s perspective.

And now with this, I leave us with a quotation from Abraham Lincoln on the Civil War that can inspire us in our day to day lives: “If we never try, we shall never succeed.”

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