Cemetery Tours – Call for Volunteers

The Annual Saints and Sinners Tours are coming up quickly. We have a number of wonderful opportunities for you to be a part of this wonderful event. Some are behind the scenes, and some will have you in the spotlight.

If you have always had a secret desire to act, we have several roles that include both saints and sinners. The general part lasts about 5 minutes, and you will have your script by early September.

We need at least six tour guides and will provide opportunity, to practice the route and script well in advance of the event. We welcome actors and guides adjusting scripts to fit their needs.

During the event, we have need of set-up, staffing tables, and tear-down. Then there are the cookie bakers, they are always needed.
Beginning early in the year (February thru March, we need folks to help us research the characters that are selected and to write scripts.
If you have a desire to be a part of this event, we are certain that you have a talent that we can use. Give us a call and we will make time to chat with you to determine where you might fit in.

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