Bench Made from 3rd Street Oaks

The lobby at the Governor Reuben Fenton Mansion has a new bench. But not just any bench—this one was built out of the wood from Jamestown’s iconic Third Street oak trees that were cut down two years ago. Ray Hofgren and Steve Tedquist built the bench for the Fenton as a donation, to carry on the legacy of those trees in a custom-made bench from local woodworkers. 

Dan Stone, Jamestown City Arborist and Parks Manager was present for the presentation of the bench, noting the history of the oak trees and the unfortunate circumstances that led to their removal.

Stone also talked about the importance of preserving the legacy of the trees through the use of the wood from the trees, which have been used by local artisans in many creative ways. 

The Fenton History Center is committed to preserving the history of the area, and a bench made from the iconic Third Street Oaks is fitting for our lobby. 

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