2023 Fenton Trivia Nights

We had another great trivia fundraising event at Shawbucks this year! We have been holding Trivia Nights every Wednesday night in February at Shawbucks since 2017 as a fundraiser for the Fenton, although this year we had to postpone the last night due to the weather.

First, we would like to thank our sponsors: Rodgers Land Surveying, Ahlstrom Schaeffer, and our host for the event, Shawbucks! We would also like to thank our MC Giulia Sowery of Star Sirch Productions for running the trivia games!

We had a total of 16 teams and 80 players over the course of the four weeks of trivia.

The theme of the trivia this year was 1960s and 2000s, covering a large variety of topics from music to celebreties to inventions to politics of those two decades. There were seven rounds, each with a specific category (exept round one was general knowledge). Teams would also give their answers a score of 1 to 5 based on the confidence level of their answer, which would earn them points if they got the question correct. After that, there was one final round where teams could bet up to 20 of their points in one final question. The highest point total possible was 125, or 126 in the event of a tie.

Winners received a $100 prize for winning the night, and the team with the most points consecutively won $200 at the end of the four weeks. Fenton Board President Janet Wahlberg also asked local history questions from the Jamestown Centennial Trivia game for prizes. This trivia game is available in the Fenton Museum Store for $20.

In Week 1, Team Jean, consisting of Jamie Glatz, Jamie Sharpe, Eric Anderson, and Doug Nordwall, won the night with 117.5 points.

In Week 2, Out on A School Night, consisting of Cindy, Kevin, Collin, and Elizabeth Rodgers, won with 108 points.

In Week 3, things got interesting. Before the final round, Effin Judo Chop (consisting of Bill, Adam, Pat, and Lindsay Loftus and Sebastian and Leslie DiNapoli) tied at 109 points with the Walnut Grove Gang (consisting of Tom and Sally Greer, Mike Rohlin, and Steve Johnson). After a tiebreaker question, Effin Judo Chop won the night with an additional tiebreaker point to reach 110 points.

In Week 4, the final night which was postponed to March 1 due to the weather, Team Buenos, consisting of Paul Schermerhorn, Danny Thomas, Norm Rodriguez, Nick Kahanic, and Joe Taylor won the night with 108.5 points.

In the end, adding up the scores for all four weeks, Team Jean came out on top with 399.5 points and the $300 grand prize.
Great Odin’s Raven (Art, Debbie, Andy, and Jon Osterdahl, Ken Liedy, and Kelly Hetrick) came in 2nd place overall, followed by Walnut Grove Gang (Tom and Sally Greer, Steve Johnson, Mike Rohlin, and Bob and Cindy Bryant) in 3rd place, and then Week 4’s winner, Buenos, in 4th place, and then Reuben’s Raiders (Andrew Kolstee, Jane Babinsky, Therese Avedillo, Jim and Janet Wahlberg, and Sandy Hatfield) in 5th place.

Mark your calendars and join us next year for the February 2024 Trivia Night’s fundraiser!

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